Michelle Berends

Michelle Berends

Michelle Berends, RN

Electrophysiology Clinic
St. Francis Hospital
Columbus, Georgia
United States
It brought such a smile on my face to know Michelle thought and cared that much for me.

So special. It is just one way to describe Michelle. Four cardioversions and two ablations within a year and half of one another and my mother having a pacemaker the first quarter of 2015 was so challenging for me. Michelle's support in her medical field gave me strength to endure the procedures and the aftermath. Michelle was there for me when I laughed or cried. Some days she would take time from her busy schedule to explain to me or educate me of symptoms of my atrial fib that I was having after my first ablation.

She's always smiling; she’s such an asset to the nursing profession. She always has a positive attitude and energy to share with all her patients. She always returned my call when sometimes I felt maybe she had a very busy day and may have to stay after work to make up the time she had with me.

Most of all why Michelle is so special, is she asked the doctor to tell me she was thinking about me and to wish me well right before I was put to sleep for my ablation in November 2016. It brought such a smile on my face to know she thought and cared that much for me. If I could multiply her thousands of times I would love to have all patients have just one Michelle. She can really lighten a burdened heart or soul. I would like Michelle to be recognized in her nursing profession so those coming up behind her learn what caring means to us as patients. She is a true DAISY Nurse with a healer’s touch!