Michele Freed-Madrack

Michele Freed-Madrack

Michele Freed-Madrack, BSN, RN

Med Surg
Pennsylvania Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

My husband was a patient on 4 Catchart from 2/11/15 to 2/16/15. He spent five nights there and on his fourth night I went into labor and delivered our daughter. My water broke in the morning but I had no contractions so I was sent home. I spent the day visiting with my husband in his hospital room. A nurse named Michele took exceptional physical and emotional care of both my husband and me.

My husband was understandably very upset to be in the hospital and was worried he would miss the birth of our baby. Michele was able to get the necessary clearnaces and medical arrangements for my husband to be able to leave the floor and go to labor and delivery. She calmed his anxiety and clearly explanined the plan. Throughout the day she diligently kept him abreast of where she was in the process. Michele brought me water, encouraged me to walk, and made sure I was comfortable. She did all of this in addition to her regular duties.

Michele was geniunely excited for us. She stayed after her shift was over to make sure my husband made it down to labor and delivery. She spoke with my nurses and encouraged me. I am sure this was an unusual circumstance but she handled it so smoothly that you would think she does it every day.

Nearly two months later we still mention her each time we tell the story of our daughter's birth. She is doing a great job and should be seen as a valuable asset to Penn Medicine.