Michele Church

Michele Church, RN, CRNI

Home Care Services
Confluence Health
Wenatchee, Washington
United States

I am honored to nominate Michele Church, RN, CRNI, for the DAISY Award. Michele is described by a patient as “truly amazing” and for the 3 years she has been in our department, she has done some amazing things. Michele started our Maternal Child Health Program, developed all the policies and procedures and continues to market the program to the community and physician providers. Her vision for home phototherapy services has led to a huge increase in home visits for these babies. In 2007, there were 17 patients and in 2008 it more than doubled to 43. She was able to show the benefits of this service to even the most skeptical of pediatricians. She will work 7 days per week to take care of these babies and often into the evening so these kids can be home with their parents and siblings.

Not only does she service home phototherapy babies, but all others as well from premies who require feeding tubes to the terminal infants and children whose families relay on her to guide them through this difficult journey. Her desk is covered with pictures of the children she has healed, sent to her by the grateful parents who appreciate her teaching, coaching, and mentoring, but most of all caring for their kids like they were one of her own.

She also takes care of Hospice patients. A grateful daughter wrote, “I wanted you to know how grateful we are for all you did for our family. Mom’s desire was to die at home and you enabled us to do that. Mom loved you and trusted you. You were able to soothe her anxiety where we could not. You were a safe harbor for all of us. I imagine your work can be very difficult at times. I believe my mom left you a bit of her spirit; she never shied away from tough situations either.”


Dixie Randall, R.N., Director, Home Care Services