Michaela Bojanski

Michaela Bojanski, RN

Solid Organ Transplant Unit
Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

“I was a patient on the solid organ transplant floor and I had an appointment with interventional radiology to check some drains I had connected into the liver. The appointment was very traumatic and I was completely in tears when they returned me to my room. The radiologist I saw was not very appropriate and ignored the questions I was asking. When Michaela heard about my terrible experience she was very compassionate and calmed me down. She also called the radiologist and informed him that I clearly had questions that were not answered, and she told him my concerns needed to be addressed immediately. The radiologist promptly came to my room to answer my questions. They would not have gotten answered if it weren’t for Michaela. She is an excellent nurse and should be recognized for her extraordinary care! ”