Michael Maddox

Michael Maddox, RN

St. Vincent's Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama
United States

Mike Maddox
August 2009 St. Vincent’s Birmingham

Mike Maddox was nominated by Patient Harper with 5 STAR comments from 10 patients and 1 associate!
Patient Harper: “Michael has taken great care of me. Awesome job! From now on I will only come to this hospital and nowhere else. Michael has addressed and taken care of all my needs and wants and made me better.”
ED Patient Wilson: “I came in very scared; very, very scared, Mike was so patient and polite to me and helped me really just understand that I really wasn’t having a heart attack. Thanks so much! .”
ED Patient and Family comments:
• After years of terrible experiences and after being treated like a dope addict, my husband, Gary was treated with the utmost respect from Michael and other staff members. He was able to get an IV started after 12 – 13 pokes at another hospital. Mickey got it on the first try. He comforted by son and tried to ease his fears.
• Michael was very nice and kind. He did everything to make me comfortable. I really appreciate everything he did for my family. I feel that he is a wonderful nurse.
• Michael was extremely nice to me and my mother. I have never met such a nice mannered, polite and patient young man. He deserves 10 stars.
• Michael is the best, he is the greatest. I want to thank him for the wonderful care he gave my mother.
• Great service for my mother. He was real nice. Most of all quick and professional. Wonderful service
• Great guy. Keep him around. Very knowledgeable and informative to patients.
• Mike was very kind and a wellspring of knowledge. He has a kind and welcoming smile. His patience was unbelievable. Michael, Thank you for being my nurse.
• Michael and the entire staff of St. Vincent’s provided excellent care and fast response treatment foe D.Cole. Of all the hospitals in the greater B’ham areas, I would recommend St. Vincent’s. Thanks!
ED Associate comments:
• Mick goes out of his way to help, teach and make this department work like a well oiled machine. Thanks, you’re awesome!
• Eleanor Charlton said, “I would like to say that Mike Maddox and Steve Draper “saved my life….I was drowning. I received a patient in room 27 who was very ill with long CA and hypoxic etc. Then I received an ambulance pt with extensive cardiac history in V-Tach after defib shock X 2. While I his room working him up the patient in 27 coded. They took over so I could go to room 27. It is only with this type of team work that we can give quality care. Thanks Guys---your ROCK!”