Michael Gilman

Michael Gilman

Michael Gilman, RN

Neuro ICU
Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix Campus
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

... This was my first time being in a hospital. I had a stroke and after surgery was drowsy and thirsty. I asked and begged for water and everybody told me I couldn't. Michael Gilman was my nurse and took care of me and the first thing he did was put a wet sponge on my lips. Since that minute I knew he cared about how I was feeling. Like I said I was drowsy and couldn't understand what was happening around me or if I was going to be able to make it. But as soon as I heard Michael's voice, I knew I was going to be OK. He helped me through the whole process with patience, love and caring that kept me alive. God sent him to my life. I am sure he has made a difference to so many others. For me, he is my guardian angel! I bless his life. He is an extraordinary nurse.


Michael Gilman has been a wonderful support to me. I stayed with my husband in his room from the first day he arrived in ICU. Only by seeing Michael and the way he cares for my husband did I feel he was in good hands. The way he cared for him, his patience and love for others; it's amazing. During the process we had many nurses but no one like Michael. It's not only what he does but the way he does it. He is an extraordinary, good-hearted nurse. He always asked if we needed something else and went the extra mile for us!