Michael Evans

Michael Evans

Michael Evans, BSN, RN

Acute/Critical Care SWAT- Special Work Assignment Team
VA Charles George VA Medical Center
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

I nominate Michael Evans, RN for the Daisy Award. Mike works with the SWAT team and often is assigned to MICU.

Mike was working with us on Friday, August 8 with a veteran who was transferred here from Salisbury VAMC and received a Left Heart Cath with stent placement. Mike was caring for him on the following day, when he was preparing for discharge home. The veteran began to have chest pressure, dyspnea and anxiety. Due to his extensive medical problems, there were at least 4 physicians involved in his care. Between all the involved providers, they were continuing with plans to discharge him home, with follow-up visits at Salisbury VAMC.

Mike was insistent on finding the source of the vet's problems, insisting and assisting with getting the proper scans and tests accomplished, and it turned out the vet had multiple bilateral pulmonary emboli and he was kept in the ICU for treatment. Mike's clinical judgment and collaboration with the many involved physicians had a positive outcome for this veteran. The next day, the veteran was reviewing the events with me and was very complimentary and appreciative of Mike's attentive care.

Mike consistently goes above and beyond in caring for his patients and advocating for their wellbeing. His attitude is always pleasant and helpful. He puts the needs of the veterans first and they recognize his dedication. His clinical skills are commendable and his kind calm manner is effective with caring for our critically ill veterans. He is respectful and supportive of the veterans and is a great asset to this VA Medical Center and our Nursing Service. We are always glad to have Michael assigned to MICU.