Michael Clark

Michael Clark, BSN, RN

Neuro/Surgery Stepdown
Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States

I would like to tell my story about why Michael is so special:

I have been a faithful patient of Henry Ford health system for years. Michael came on shift and introduced himself and then looked me in my eyes and let me know that he was there for me and explained everything that would be needed for my care and recovery.

Now the third day of my stay is what really put icing on my cake. I wanted to take a bath so bad, but knew I could not do that after the surgery, but at least be washed and I would need some help! Well I had two people; my nurse Michael and my nursing assistant. So, I explained my need to Michael; that I could not take another day. Well Michael said, no problem, left the room and returned with towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, powder, body wash, hand towels and a fresh bath towel. They worked together and got me up and changed my bedding so that it would be nice when I returned.

So, my first thought was OMG! I was unsure about a male nurse washing me! Well, I asked God to help me. He did not say how the help would come but He gave it to me. When I say I was washed and taken care of so well, I came out of the bathroom smelling like Cleopatra in a valley of Lilies (when of course it was the Johnson baby wash)! It did not matter; I felt wonderful! I began to cry, because they were compassionate, trustworthy, and caring in this situation. I had no idea that they would care for me the way that they did; very professional. So when Michael was leaving for the day I felt like asking to be discharged, but was advised if I was still there he would be back. Well, I was still there and Michael came back and I was so happy to see him. You see, nurses need to understand they have a great impact on the mental and physical status of the patient.

I was just so happy about the compassionate heart to care for a patient no matter what. Michael was with me until it was time to go home. He put me in the wheelchair and took me down to get my medication and then to the car. I was sad; not to leave the hospital, but because this outstanding nurse had given me the top quality care and had made it as comfortable as possible. I felt as if I was leaving a friend, but in essence I was gaining a lifelong memory of another outstanding nurse who will remain in my heart forever.

Keep doing what you do every day as a nurse caring for the patient. Never let anyone take it away from you! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!