Melody Bitting
August 2020
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida
Fort Myers
United States




Having a newborn go to NICU was extremely hard. We were not prepared for that. We had some great nurses in the beginning, but unfortunately, they left. Once they left, we started getting a different nurse almost every day. After having several nurses, and a very unpleasant experience, we came across Melody one night as she was helping the night shift that day. Once I saw how she treated our daughter, and how she interacted with me, I knew she had to become a part of our daughter's care team. She kept us informed of everything going on, she kept our daughter's board updated, and followed up with everything that was needed. I really appreciated how she thought of different ways to work around our daughter's needs, not just following what the "usual protocol" is. Even though we only had the pleasure to work with Melody for a few days in the last week, she made a huge impact on our life! We were lucky enough to have her as our nurse the day of discharge, which made things a lot easier. She answered the million questions I had and even repeated herself as many times as needed. She became more than our daughter's nurse; she's like family to us.