Mellissa Binger

Melissa Binger

Mellissa Binger, RN

Inpatient Oncology 5800 Unit
Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Melissa was incredibly thorough and patient while instructing my family on how to care for me at home.

I nominate Melissa Binger because I find myself reflecting very often on her care, compassion, knowledge, common sense, and professionalism. 

One specific situation that stands out in my mind, was a day when I was feeling particularly down emotionally. I was recovering from a mastectomy (and Tram procedure) and contemplating the road ahead. Melissa instinctively knew what I was feeling and that I needed to be uplifted. Although my doctor did not permit showering, Melissa offered to sponge-bathe me. That sounds too simple though. It was her caring and soothing touch as she washed my hair and entire body that makes me remember her so fondly. I was just getting used to looking at my new body and not feeling entirely comfortable with it. But Melissa treated me with tremendous care and sensitivity.

Melissa was incredibly thorough and patient while instructing my family on how to care for me at home with regards to emptying my drains and doing wound care.  She was the perfect teacher. I think one of the reasons I remember her so fondly is because we got to know one another personally. Although she never overstepped her bounds as a professional, she was amazingly gifted at making me feel important and liked as a person, not just a patient. She is a true angel on earth!


We were so very busy around New Years. I had never been so busy. Melissa bed bathed a couple of our patients along with the work she had to do. Not only that but she was so very appreciative. We were great as a team. Out of my 2.5 years of being a CNA at a nursing home and a PCT at Magee, I had never seen a nurse wash up a patient without any help. She is truly and over and above nurse. She goes above her own duties. I thank you Melissa!