Melissa Wilkins

Melissa Wilkins, RN

Medical Center, Navicent Health
Macon, Georgia
United States

Melissa is a nurse on 4East and obviously a very young nurse. Toward the end of her night shift she admitted a patient with non-life threatening injuries, the patient and her son were involved in a MVC earlier in the evening. The son was admitted to the PICU in critical condition. Once the mother was settled in her room and all the admission process complete she wanted to go to the ICU to see her son and talk with the staff caring for him in person. The physicians approved her leaving the unit with an RN, but since it was the beginning of the shift and the nurse had several other patients it was explained to the mother that she would only be allowed a short visit.

Even though Melissa’s shift had ended and she was preparing to leave she offered to bring the mother to the unit and stay with her so that she could stay as long as she needed. This was a very uncomfortable situation for Melissa being in an ICU with a mother and hearing the bedside care conference about a child dying. She was a phenomenal support for this mother and provided the mother with the opportunity to hold her child’s hand as she heard this devastating news. Melissa stayed with the mother for 4 hours at the child’s bedside allowing the mother to be with her child and family.

I was so impressed with her kindness and compassion. In many of our management meetings we discuss the ‘younger generation’ but today I witnessed unselfishness and kindness. ……we later found out – that that day was Melissa’s birthday – but she made no mention of that to anyone nor did she ever appear ready to “hand-off” her patient so that she could go home.

All of the staff in the PICU were deeply touched by her kindness. The nursing staff all suggested that Melissa be nominated for the DAISY award – and – all of the physicians involved also asked that we recognize this compassionate young nurse. (Surgeons, intensivists & pediatricians)