Melissa Roland

Melissa Roland

Melissa Roland, RN

Home Health
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
Melissa is incredibly team oriented and really brings us all together.

Melissa goes above and beyond anything I have experienced as an OT in Home Health. She is dedicated to her patients and her team. And she is always positive, telling us, "You guys got this!" She is incredibly team oriented and really brings us all together. 

I think about our most recent care meeting, and she's so good at listening to everyone and thinking of solutions to tough problems.  When I've gone to her with questions she's really good at saying "Well did you ever think about the problem this way" and her insight will be the exact thing that I needed. When I've gone to her with questions she is so good about researching my question or putting me in contact with someone who does have the answers. 

Melissa’s even really good about getting back to me about vacation requests. I sent in a request and she got back to me within the week. And it's really these little things that add up to such a positive and great experience.  In Home Health it's easy to feel isolated and it's easy to get stuck trying to figure something out at the moment. Melissa makes me feel supported and part of a team.  She is doing so much great work for her team and helping us to deliver excellent care to our patients. She makes CarePartners excellent.