Melissa Murphy

Melissa Murphy, RN, BSN

Miami Valley Hospital

Melissa was my husband’s nurse for two days during his stay. There are so many
wonderful things to say about her I will start by saying because of Melissa’s attention to
detail and her knowledge of heart patients, my husband’s blood pressure was brought back to an acceptable level after it had fallen significantly from a variety of medications.
As a result of Melissa’s skills, attention to detail and persistence to get it back to ‘normal’, my husband was able to rebound from this. During this time my husband also became somewhat combative and with Melissa’s communication skills and again persistence, he soon complied. Melissa watched over him the entire time and went above and beyond ensuring he was comfortable. It was an incredibly anxiety-provoking situation that Melissa kept calm, retaining a level of professionalism that was admirable. Her level of compassion was truly displayed when she came in before she left and also stopped in on the days he was not her patient. She just wanted to see how he was doing.

I would like Melissa to receive this honor because she demonstrates what I am sure Miami Valley Hospital prides themselves on and she most certainly is an EXCEPTIONAL NURSE!