Melissa Lay

Melissa Lay

Melissa Lay, RN

Winter Haven Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States
Melissa helped me keep my spirits up; she helped me keep a positive attitude through it all.

During my SICU stay, Melissa Lay, RN, was my primary nurse.  She was amazing.  I had 4 rounds of IR treatments and had to stay flat on my back for four days fighting for my left leg to not be amputated. I am already a right leg AKA and I was terrified to say the least.  Melissa was amazing.  She never had to be told I wasn’t feeling good, or was in pain, or just plain scared.  She seemed to just be able to feel it and would talk me through it, maintain my medications and keep my spirits up, helping me keep a positive attitude through it all. Melissa just had a way with me that kept me calm and helped me get healthy. She is an excellent example of what a nurse should be…Especially one that works in such a high stress unit.  Keep her around.  Your patients in SICU need her.

Thank you Melissa.

Note:  This is Melissa's second DAISY Award!