Melissa Garth

Melissa Garth, BSN, RN

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Melissa Garth exemplified excellent empathy and caring for a patient and this patient's family. She noticed her patient's wife was having a difficult time today. Melissa took the time to talk to her and listened to all of her concerns. After speaking with the family member in depth, Melissa found out it was her birthday. The wife was upset she was spending her birthday in the hospital, and began to reflect about old birthdays she and her husband would spend together when they were in good health. Recognizing the woman's frustration, Melissa made it her mission to give the patient's wife a birthday celebration. She brought the woman cake and had other nurses enter the room to wish the woman a happy birthday. These actions made the patient's family member extremely happy, and the patient was happy to see his wife in such good spirits. Melissa understood how family members are just as important as patients. She realized improving the patient's wife's mood would ultimately improve the patient's mood and his overall hospital experience.