Melissa Doe

Melissa Doe, LPN

Allergy Clinic
Professional Nurses Association
Portsmouth, Virginia
United States
Melissa always communicates the directives of the physicians to the patients and caregivers in a clear, concise fashion and answers any questions they may have.

Mrs. Doe is the parent of a special needs child and possesses the empathy and compassion required to calm and comfort patients of all ages as they undergo allergy testing. During the years (6 years) that I have worked with her, she has enabled our allergy clinic to provide comprehensive allergy testing and care to a wide variety of special needs children and young adults that previously were not seen in this clinic. Mrs. Doe volunteers, day in and day out, to provide or oversee testing to young infants, autistic children and other special needs children such those with Trisomy 21. She is able to ensure the patients and their caregivers are comfortable during the testing and provides them with a sense of safety and security in the results as well as clear explanations of the testing that transform these sessions from being traumatizing to being very educational and potential life-saving value (teaching use of epinephrine in allergic reactions) to patients and their caregivers. Mrs. Doe accomplishes this without any specialized training and in the absence of a child life or behavioral specialist found at many other academic allergy clinics that care for children.      

Mrs. Doe has been the nurse to oversee and care for patients with food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome. In several cases, we have had patients that required challenges to either confirm a diagnosis or determine if foods can be safely introduced at home. She has taken the responsibility of supervising these challenges which are inherently extremely dangerous and may only be done in an ICU setting.      

During a food challenge, a child began to have uncontrolled vomiting and the mother became distraught. Mrs. Doe ensured that the safety of the child was priority and coordinated admission to the hospital. After the admission, Mrs. Doe accompanied the mother and her child to the ward and continued to provide comfort to the mother, calm explanations of the care plan and remained at her side until the child was stable and safe. She left long after the workday ended and well after her responsibility was absolved once the child was admitted. 

Mrs. Doe provides one on one education with regards to allergy shots administration and safety precautions and provides training to patients with food allergy direct instruction on resources and use of epinephrine. Additionally, she coordinates food and diagnostic challenges and provides instruction on allergy testing to patients and their caregivers. Without her efforts, the allergy clinic would not be able to provide comprehensive services to its patients.

Mrs. Doe has had countless patient interactions during my years working with her. She always communicates the directives of the physicians to the patients and caregivers in a clear, concise fashion and answers any questions they may have. In circumstances where conflicts or patient safety concerns may arise, Mrs. Doe always intervenes as a patient advocate to ensure that decisions are made in the best interest of the patient, even if this is against the plan of the treating provider.