Melissa Distasio

Melissa Distasio

Melissa Distasio, RN

Bayfront Health Port Charlotte
Port Charlotte, Florida
United States
My pain was kept at a minimum because of Missy.

This is the 2nd time I have been on the Ortho floor. Missy has been my nurse the whole time. She has anticipated my every need before I even knew sometimes. My pain was kept at a minimum because of Missy. She could make one smile even through the pain. I am next to the door, across from the nurse's station. Missy never changed – pleasant and happy with everyone, staff and visitors alike.

I have been hospitalized four times for Ortho problems and once for other surgery; never have I had the care that I received this time. This is an exceptional nurse. You are blessed to have such a dedicated nurse.


My husband has been a patient in the Ortho ward for 4 days. As an RN, I am always acutely aware of his care. Missy is such a credit to our profession. Her medications were exactly when due. The physician was called promptly when needed. My husband was checked on more than hourly. Yesterday I could tell (by the numbers of staff) Missy was extremely busy. She was not only efficient but her caring, friendly, happy self; the patients and visitors never knew. What an asset to the hospital and nursing profession. I do not usually write on staff. Also, her infection control was very good; in my last job before retirement, I was the Infection Control nurse.