Melissa Chapman

Melissa Chapman, RN

Spectrum Health Big Rapids and Reed City Hospitals
Big Rapids, Michigan
United States
Melissa took immediate action and charge of the situation.

My daughter came to the birthing center to be induced for the birth of her baby girl. The day progressed steadily, and she had an epidural in the afternoon for the pain. Melissa was her nurse for the day and was very attentive. At about 4:45 she was checking my daughter for progress and water gushed during this process. It was then Melissa felt something and realized it was the cord coming down before the baby. My daughter had a contraction and her vitals plummeted. She took immediate action and charge of the situation. She never left my daughter and kept her hand in place to keep the baby from coming down and cutting off oxygen. She gave orders to call the doctor and prepare for C-section. The doctor was called and within 7 minutes they were in surgery for an emergency section to get the baby out safely. Her quick action and taking charge of an emergency situation are to be commended. She saved our sweet baby’s life and we are so grateful! I thanked the doctor when I saw her, and she said, don’t thank me, thank Melissa, she’s the one that saved the baby’s life. Our birthing center has an amazing team and we thank Melissa for taking charge and doing the right thing!