Melissa Brummet

Melissa Brummet

Melissa Brummet, BSN, RNC-OB

Labor & Delivery
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Melissa took care of a laboring patient with psychiatric issues for a 12 hours shift. This patient and the family both had numerous psychosocial issues which made it difficult for them to accept and comprehend the medical care provided to them. Melissa gained trust with the patient by meeting her requests such as popsicles, an Albuterol inhaler and pain medication. The rapport that Melissa gained with the patient and her support person was critical later in the day when it became apparent that the patient would require a C section. The patient was very agitated and apprehensive about the surgery but Melissa's explanations calmed her down so that she would consent to the surgery for the health of her baby. When Melissa found out that the patient had a history of sexual abuse, Melissa made a sign for the patient's door to "see the nurse before entering". Melissa coordinated all providers to ensure that no male providers entered the patient's room. The patient has scant prenatal care so the health care team relied on information that Melissa learned from the patient. For her continuous dedicated holistic care over a long shift, in a difficult situation, Melissa deserves the DAISY Award!


Melissa is a role model on a daily basis. She is a hard worker who never complains. She is a true patient advocate and she has remarkable teamwork. She is a fabulous mentor for our new staff. Her patients praise her. Melissa recently has a patient with some psychosocial issues. The patient and her husband did not trust the medical staff and our rationale for her plan. The patient was refusing to follow through with the recommended c-section because of fetal distress. The medical team worked very hard to counsel the patient and her partner on the importance to deliver the baby emergently. Melissa had developed a trusting relationship with the patient. It was her conversation which ultimately convinced the patient that this was the safest plan for her baby. She signed the consent and delivered a healthy baby boy via C-section. I feel Melissa played an intricate role in assisting and educating the patient to make the best choice.