Melissa Beaver

Melissa Beaver

Melissa Beaver, RN

Carolinas HealthCare System - Lincoln
Lincolnton, North Carolina
United States

I feel that Melissa exhibits excellent clinical skills in the fact that is we are busy and she is able, she will go and clean the patients rooms, she will look after the patients and triage them till their nurse is able to come in to take over. She is present in every emergency in the ER to help out and to take care of the patient if needed to. She shows her compassion to all the patients, she is there to listen to them as if they are the only person present in the ER. If someone calls and has a problem, she stops what she is doing to concentrate on that person only, to resolve their issue if she can. When patients call in and have a problem, she tries to resolve their problem at that time, but if she cannot, she will make sure they know someone will call to follow up with them to get everything resolved to the patient's satisfaction if she can.

You have some patients who are here frequently, and these people are known to most of all of us, but they feel she is their personal nurse and want her to be here when they come in and not been doing well or has passed away, she has been more than happy to spend the individual time with the families so that she knows they are taken care of, and to find out what the family and patient's wishes are, to provide the most excellent care possible to the patient and family.

When she gets phone calls, she spends as much time as needed to make sure the person on the line or their family has their individual situation resolved. Just like today, we had a situation that she ended up working on for 3 hours to get this resolved and the proper care was to be given for children and hopefully the parents as well. She sat at the desk and continued to think on this and try to get everything settled before she went home. And I can tell you, she will have this on her mind and in her prayers for a while, hoping that these children are cared for properly.

As for myself and my family and friends, I would only hope that Melissa is there when we come in and that we will be under her care. She is the most awesome and excellent nurse I have had the pleasure of working with in my 25 years at this facility. She is in her own special field here, because she is the daisy in this field of Nursing.