Melissa Asher

Melissa Asher

Melissa Asher, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Carondelet St. Mary's Hospital
Tucson, Arizona
United States
Melissa's willingness to share her story and ask about ours showed us a level of care beyond patient nurse expectations.

I had just suffered two heart attacks within three days and Melissa Asher took it upon herself, even though she had several other patients, to explain to me what was going on. Through her professionalism and concern for my well being and ability to ease my mind, she went above and beyond to make sure I understood my situation.  She then made sure I was not a bother and answered all my many questions and showed true concern for my well being.  I never once felt like I was left in the dark as to my condition or what I should do to continue to recover.  So many times when you are in a medical situation you feel you are kept in the dark.  Not once did I feel that way and Ms. Asher should be commended for her professional attitude and true care for her patients.  I can truly believe I was not the exception, but the norm and Ms. Asher gives all her patients this kind of extraordinary care.


It is amazing how quickly you can go from walking Walt Disney World and Universal Studios for five days this past summer to needing two heart valves replaced just months later.  Yet more amazing is the care and dedication the nursing staff of the Progressive Care Unit shows to their patients.  These are dedicated nurses and techs who have devoted their careers to helping patients get well.  In my time in the PCU I met eight wonderful nursing staff members.  Each offered their own way of supporting patient needs.  However, one nurse stands out above the rest in my experience.

Melissa was my day nurse for several days while I was in the PCU.  What made her so special above the others was her kind approach toward my care and more importantly her support of my family's needs.  Her friendly demeanor and smile made it easy for me and my family to relate to her.  Her willingness to share her story and ask about ours showed us a level of care beyond patient nurse expectations.  Her ability to relate to myself and family, provide encouragement and friendliness, allowed me and my family to heal well enough to go home.

I wish to thank her for her outstanding dedication to my care and most importantly the compassion she showed my family during this trying time.