Melissa Alvarado

Melissa Alvarado

Melissa Alvarado, ARN III

Mother /Baby Post Partum
Baptist Health Medical Centers (AR)
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

Melissa actually took the time to listen! I had a vaginal and C section delivery with my identical twin girls. I also had an older toddler girl that got RSV while I was in the hospital. My emotions were making me cry all the time. Melissa came to my room more frequently than normal to check on me and just to talk if I needed to. She not only cared for my physical wellbeing, but emotional as well. She went above and beyond to make sure my needs were met. Any patient that has her for a nurse is very Blessed! She is the best!!!


Melissa went above and beyond in showing compassionate care to me and my husband after the birth of my twins. Our son was in the NICU and Melissa allowed me to cry on her shoulder. Melissa understood how important it was for me to get down the hall to see him. So when it was time for my pain meds she was quick to bring them. She told us success stories of babies who had received the same treatment our son did. This was comforting to both of us! The one thing that made my heart flutter was when she brought a wheelchair and said "here you go, you can go see your baby anytime you want to now." With that chair I was able to get to him when I didn't have the strength to walk. Melissa provided me with wheels, hope and strengthened my faith with her compassion for all of us!