Melanie Ray

Melanie Ray

Melanie Ray, RN

Progressive Care Unit
MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital
Puyallup, Washington
United States
Mel leaves lasting impressions on patients and their families. She is tender and gentle with patients and has a nice way of making them feel like they are the center of the hospital and receiving special care.

Melanie Ray has been working with the PCU team for over 10 years. She is known to deliver exceptional care and has been a continual preceptor for our department for many years.

She has been recognized by new staff with a Preceptor Award from the ILD. She walks onto the floor with a smile on her face, greeting every staff member whether it is day 1 or day 6 of her schedule. She is incredibly supportive as a preceptor and always eager to teach and aid another whenever needed.

She acts with compassion. She doesn’t hesitate to take the time to sit and listen to patients, even when they are the most challenging patients. Mel's calm demeanor and compassionate traits lend her to be the perfect nurse, often chosen by the charge nurse, to be assigned to the most complex patients. She wants to help everyone. If she sees anyone struggling; a nurse or patient, she is quick to jump in. She wants to help people and lighten their load. She is loved by everyone in the unit. She makes special connections with patients and families. At times, we receive readmits and the patients rave about the exceptional care they received from her. She leaves lasting impressions on patients and their families. She is tender and gentle with patients and has a nice way of making them feel like they are the center of the hospital and receiving special care. As a leader rounding on her patients, her patients have nothing but praises to say about her nursing care and advocacy. She is amazing!

Mel is a fierce patient and family advocate. She may be tiny, but she stands up to anyone who does not support what the patient and family wishes are. She is succinct and to the point to relay what the patient wants and needs. She is well respected by our physician partners too.

She goes above and beyond. She has been precepting new staff for so long that I cannot recall how many nurses she has trained. I can tell you that Mel has personally touched each nurse in the PCU at some point in their training. She is super flexible. She does whatever is needed. She floats out of turn to make it easier on a co-worker and recently she floated for a few hours to assist another department.

She is also ICU qualified which puts her skill in high demand. Our charge nurse may have to ask her to give her patient assignment up mid-shift and have her re-assigned a new ICU assignment. She does this so effortlessly and gracefully that the rest of the staff is in awe.

She is continually engaged and supportive in new and changing initiatives (i.e., our PureWick Pilot and Nurse Driven Foley Removal Protocol). She has a ‘can do’ attitude. She exemplifies the MultiCare values every hour that she is at work. She makes a difference in the lives of patients and staff each day she is at work. She is truly an extraordinary nurse and exemplifies everything good in the PCU. It warms my heart to watch her in action caring for patients, to see her smile and teach others and to know that she is the living legacy of an extraordinary nurse.


Mel is an exceptional nurse and co-worker. She leads by example, always going above and beyond for her patients, her co-workers, and her co-workers’ patients. When she finishes her tasks she is quick to ask how she can help those around her. She is compassionate, when she sees someone struggling, she is the first to offer her help, tips and encourage the nurse or CNA in their ability. She inspires me to be the best I can be. She always advocates for her patients’ safety and ensures they have everything they need to be comfortable.

When I transfer a patient to her, I can say with absolute certainty that they will be in the best hands around. For example, I had a patient who was in tears because she was moving floors and I would no longer be her RN. I was able to transfer this patient with confidence, knowing she would not only be safe but comfortable and in the care of a competent, kind and one of a kind nurse. The next day I came up to check on the patient and she was all smiles. She said, "You were right, I love her and feel silly for being so nervous." I hope to follow in Mel's steps and be the DAISY quality nurse she is for those around me. When caring for patients who are critically ill, it gives me a sense of security and calm to know that Mel is on shift. She has such a positive effect on everyone around her. No one is more deserving of being noticed and celebrated than her.