Melanie Chichester

Melanie Chichester

Melanie Chichester, BSN, RN, RNC-OB, CPLC

Labor and Delivery
Christiana Care Health System
Newark, Delaware
United States
She was so skilled as a labor nurse, she even delivered my baby!

Melanie is an exceptional nurse and person. I entered Christiana hospital to deliver my 4th child, with many anxieties and apprehensions and left with a wonderful birth experience and a new friend in Melanie.

This was no ordinary birth - my new daughter is what's considered a "rainbow" baby - a baby who comes after a loss. I had delivered my first daughter sleeping at 20 weeks. It was an insurmountable loss. Naturally, being pregnant again I was nervous about delivering and worried that everything would be alright. Melanie was told about my history and did everything she could to make be feel supported and even loved, as crazy as that sounds.

She was amazing throughout my delivery - held my hand during every contraction and supported me every step of the way with advice on positions to labor in, and how to help the pain. Having had three births at Christiana, I know that not every nurse does that, although many are supportive and compassionate.

Melanie told me she was a leader of your infant loss support group. She wasn't afraid to ask me if I wanted to talk about the baby I lost. She was very understanding and sensitive to the bitter-sweetness of my situation. She was so skilled as a labor nurse, she even delivered my baby! She suggested I sit up during labor at the very end, which no one had ever told me to do, and it worked magically. The baby literally slid down inside of me and before I knew it it was time to push. Melanie coached me through the pushing and even delivered my baby as the midwife wasn't able to get there soon enough. After the birth, Melanie came to visit me in the maternity ward, which I thought was very touching and above and beyond what most nurses do. She knew that I wanted to have a blessing for both my daughters and she offered to do it since she is a chaplain-in-training. We were thrilled! Melanie sat with my family and provided a wonderful service that was very meaningful to us all.

I truly believe Melanie was an angel on Earth for me on that day. She has such a unique set of skills; she is truly an outstanding clinician. From providing exceptional medical care to being compassionate and supportive of my prior situation to aiding in spiritual healing, Melanie's presence in my birth experience surpassed any expectations. I had no idea what I was in for this time around, but Melanie helped me to feel safe and supported and for that, I believe she's an outstanding associate and deserves the honor of this DAISY Award.