Melanie Butts

Melanie Butts, RN

Labor and Delivery
Indiana University Health: North Hospital
Carmel, Indiana
United States

We would like to take the time to formally thank and recognize your staff on the labor and delivery floor at IU North Hospital. Two of your nurses have made a lasting imprint on our lives, Mel Butts RN and Rachel Emery RN. Mel was our night nurse when we came in at 39 weeks pregnant and learned our precious son did not have a heartbeat. Mel was incredibly compassionate and caring as she comforted us; meanwhile, expertly directing our care. She was very professional, giving simple directions, as this is our firstborn. Always quick to respond and anticipate our needs, always offering a hand to hold. Mel stayed past the end of her shift to welcome our perfect son into the world. She cared gently and lovingly for him. For this my heart is grateful.

Rachel, I think, had wings under her scrubs. She held my hand. She held my baby. She held my heart. She selflessly, unconditionally and lovingly cared for our son. She was very gentle as she made suggestions/answered questions about decisions we had to make as we were in a situation we never dreamed. She had experienced these times before, and lovingly, professionally offered support. We are so thankful that she strongly suggested pictures and she sought out a professional photographer on our behalf. We treasure them.

Both of these nurses are examples of loving and professional care. We truly believe our Lord and Savior Jesus ordained these incredible women to walk this sad road with us, to come alongside in a very dark time as a beacon of light. Their love helped hold us, and they continue to as both have checked in on us since our discharge. I had never experienced being a patient before.

As a nurse myself, I witnessed how drastically a nurse can affect one's life. After my time with these nurses, I personally feel a desire to attain to a deeper level of love and compassion to my patients. How nursing truly is a calling upon one's life, a call to serve in people's worst days. Mel and Rachel are doing "Kingdom of Heaven" work. The good they do I'm sure at times goes unnoticed, but I know my Jesus sees all. They will be rewarded in eternity, but my prayer is that they are here also.