Meghan Hoffman

Meghan Hoffman BSN, RN

Meghan Hoffman, BSN, RN

Perinatal Unit
Lehigh Valley Hospital
Allentown, Pennsylvania
United States
We were truly blessed to have Meghan as our nurse.

In October 2017, the heavens above were blessed with an absolutely perfect 11 oz. 10 inch long baby boy. The day started like a normal Monday morning, kids off to school, baby dropped off at daycare and off to work we go. However, this morning something was screaming at me to call the doctor. The baby was not moving as often as he normally does, and it's all I could focus on. My blood pressure was a tad high. They wanted me to go to triage to be monitored for a little bit. As the blood pressure monitor kept going off every 15 minutes, the numbers kept going higher and higher. I knew it was not good. This ultimately turned into the hardest day of our lives. I was then admitted and saw the high-risk team. The placenta was failing, and severe preeclampsia was in full angry mode- HELLP syndrome was setting in. My body did not want to carry this baby anymore. We had to make a decision quickly to deliver. Nurse Meghan Hoffman could not have been more understanding, caring and sympathetic to our situation. She listened. She genuinely felt our pain. Our baby did not survive birth. It was important for us to have him baptized. Meghan was with us for the whole baptism service and supported us during the whole process. She placed our son in the cutest little outfit and took pictures for us. She made a very nice photo album for us to keep and remember our little angel. She personalized his footprints and gave a copy to his two sisters and brother. Even how she presented the pictures and the care box was so genuine. Nurse Meghan Hoffman, you are a very talented nurse. We thank you for everything you did in caring for our family. You deserve a ton of credit for your work. We thank you for your calm and caring self. We thank you for simply being there for us during the roller coaster of emotions. We were truly blessed to have Meghan as our nurse.