Megan Reynolds

Megan Reynolds, RN

Emergency Department
Atrium Health Kings Mountain
Kings Mountain, North Carolina
United States
I am in nursing school and I really pray that I can become the nurse that Megan showed me.

I would like to personally thank Megan Reynolds in the ER. When I came in, I was more than sick from a spider bite that made me feel like death. I had a very bad infection to the point I could barely hold my head up, walk, talk or anything. The ER staff came together as a team and they all helped everyone; they helped Megan manage her patients so she could give me her full attention and focus on me. If it was not for Megan and how she cared for me and how nice, fast, and accurate she was with everything she did I really do not think I would have made it this far. She made me want to stay and get the care that I needed.

I have never felt more took care of and safe with someone I did not know. Megan was truly my angel that night. I hope she knows just how much I appreciate her; she was not even my assigned nurse. She was literally by my side from the time I walked in the door, all the way to taking me to my room for admission. I hope she knows just how much she was appreciated by me alone. I am in nursing school and I really pray that I can become the nurse that she showed me.

This world needs more nurses and people like her in it. Thank you, Megan Reynolds, you literally saved my life. I have thought about you since the night you took care of me and anyone I have seen I have told them how amazing you were. Keep up the great work and maybe one day I will have the pleasure of working with you and/or getting your excellent care if ever needed again.