Megan McCabe

Megan McCabe

Megan McCabe, BSN, RN

Miron Cardiac Care Center
Crouse Hospital
Syracuse, New York
United States
Megan never loses sight of the fact that; above all else, we are here to give the best possible patient care.

Megan is a truly incredible leader and has created a work environment that is simultaneously patient-centered and supportive of the staff. It's safe to say we all love our jobs and that wouldn't be possible without outstanding leadership.

Megan never loses sight of the fact that; above all else, we are here to give the best possible patient care. She includes the staff in decision making that relates to patient care. Every conversation reverts back to her asking, 'Is that what is best for our patients?' When we have a very busy schedule and more physician requests than we can accommodate, her consistent response is, "What can I do to make this happen?" She always has a smile on her face and something nice to say to each patient she comes into contact with.

Not only is Megan concerned with the patient care that takes place in our department, but she is also mindful about the needs of the hospital as a whole. She frequently checks in with the Emergency Room and other departments, when the hospital census is high, to see if there is a way for our department staff to help out. When hospital staffing has been in crisis, she has worked late in other departments, doing her part to ensure that the needs of the patients are met and the flow of the hospital is not interrupted.

As a manager, Megan treats each staff member as an individual with their own unique circumstances in life. She genuinely respects and values every member of the team. Work-life balance is a high priority in her management style and the staff is incredibly grateful for that. She encourages us to achieve our educational goals and makes the scheduling accommodations necessary to do so.

Megan constantly advocates for staff and patients. She truly leads by example and her passion for Cardiology is evident every single day. She is respected and appreciated by the Cardiac Cath Lab staff far more than she probably even realizes. Megan is a true DAISY Nurse Leader.