Megan Lee

Megan Lee

Megan Lee, RN

3 South
Norton Audubon Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
Megan is the "great" that Norton's is striving for.

Megan first came to my room as a Nurse Leader. She is so bubbly. She asked about every service and as she was leaving, she asked about the nursing staff. I told her they were all good. She said, "We want to be great"! Since that day, she has been "my" RN for a few days. Megan is the "great" that Norton's is striving for. She is prompt, doesn't forget anything and is as sweet when she gets off as when she came in. She isn't loud or overpowering but she does make sure you understand the "why" of what is happening. Thank you for a comfortable stay.


Megan helped my daughter and me through a rough night upon being admitted to the hospital. She helped us through the many unknowns facing us. She was encouraging and comforting.