Megan Cameron

Megan Cameron

Megan Cameron, BSN, RN

Cardiact Cath Lab
Ascension St. John Medical Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States

At times, presence with a patient is as important as the practice of healing. Megan Cameron, RN, cath lab, impressed a patient with her dedication to care. For that, Megan was named the July 2018 DAISY Award winner for St. John Medical Center.

Megan checked the patient into the cath lab for pre-procedure testing. A few days later, with the patient back at St. John for the procedure, Megan stopped by. “Though Megan wasn’t my nurse,” the patient wrote, “she made a point to stop by my room and checked on me to see how I was.”

When a post-op complication arose, Megan was called from the cath lab to help with the patient. “She (had) already worked most of a very busy day and NEVER complained or showed any negative attitude,” wrote the patient. “I’m sure her feet hurt, her back hurt, her hands were probably aching. When I asked her about it, she would only reply, ‘No, I’m fine.’

Megan Cameron exemplified what a nurse is supposed to be.”