Megan Bowling

Megan Bowling, RN

Main OR
Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

I was on call for my group received a call from a free-standing ER about a patient that was hemorrhaging due to an incomplete abortion.  I had the patient transferred to the ICU and called the main OR to post a D&C immediately.  Megan Bowling answered the phone.  Not only did she post the case immediately, but she also had the anesthesiologist see the patient within minutes of her arrival to the ICU and she arrived subsequent to that to assist with consenting the patient for surgery, ensuring the patient had blood in the room for transfusion, etc.  Her outstanding care and knowledge made this emergent situation run very smoothly.  I was beyond impressed with her, even at 5 AM when was pleasant, thoughtful and eager to do what was necessary to have a positive patient outcome.