Megan Alger

Megan Alger

Megan Alger, RN, BSN

Lake Pointe Medical Center
Rowlett, Texas
United States

Megan serves as a charge nurse and requests and accepts additional responsibilities. She is a wonderful example as a preceptor to new staff, whether working with experienced nurses or a new intern. Megan is diligent at getting the best opportunities for the new hire, completing goals and competencies as required.

Megan as been instrumental in the open heart program, and is intricately involved in the quality improvement of our program here at LPMC.

Megan was also noted for her teamwork spirit by the DAISY Committee. Her director states that she has spent multiple nights at the hospital or close by to be able to help out the ICU in a pinch. She has been described by her co-workers as patient, kind, empathetic and can make you laugh and smile when we need it most.

Megan delivers amazing patient care and is the epitome of an excellent nurse. There are countless letters from families on the ICU bulletin board that have Megan's name on them.

Megan had a patient who requested her each day she was working. She grew close to the family and assisted them in withdrawal life support. Megan supported the family during this stressful time and the family were able to describe it as a "Blessing and Beautiful Experience". Megan also attended the funeral, she made all the difference in the world to this family and they expressed such gratitude for her and her nursing care.

She has proven to be an exceptional nurse, is a great example in all areas and follows through ensuring that the highest quality of care is given to all endeavors, making Megan a perfect recipient for the DAISY Award!