Megan Albright

Megan Albright

Megan Albright, BSN, RN

Family Birth Center
Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Fargo, North Dakota
United States
Megan gave me the energy I needed through her genuine compassion.

Megan was the nurse who helped bring our baby girl, L, into this world. She made the experience better than I ever thought was possible. Immediately upon meeting her you could sense her energetic and fun personality. I knew right away her job wasn't just a job to her. She cared for me with more compassion than I had experienced in a healthcare setting. I had a long labor so was there for a few different shift changes.

When Megan was leaving on Saturday morning, she told me she would be back that night and hopefully would be our nurse if I was still in labor. As much as I was ready to meet our baby, once 7 pm hit Saturday night it was a good feeling to see Megan back with her contagious smile on her face, determined to help us meet our baby. Once things progressed, it was clear she had a wealth of knowledge in her field. She coached me through the epidural and helped me decide when the right time was to have that procedure done.

As things continued, even when she wasn't in the room, I knew she was 1 touch of a call light, or a contraction causing my baby to get upset, away from being by my side. When it was time for me to start pushing, I started to get anxious. I was exhausted and scared I wouldn't have the energy nor excitement left to have our baby we had been waiting for so long to meet. Megan calmly stood by my bedside and told me everything I was feeling was normal and okay. She made eye contact with me and reminded me she would be right there the entire time. She gave me the energy I needed through her genuine compassion.

Megan went the extra step to include my husband throughout the entire process and made him feel as important as me. We didn't know if it was a boy or girl and Megan was making guesses with us up until the last push adding to our excitement and anticipation. She made sure we had pictures taken and asked us to have our phone ready for pictures prior to L entering the world. It is an added bonus that she is in some of the pictures. The day we were going to be discharged Megan came to our room to come see us and hold L.

I have never felt such a bond and relief when someone who had been a stranger a couple of days prior came into our room. Megan is the kind of nurse every patient deserves to have caring for them. I know we will tell L about Megan who was pivotal in bringing her into this world. I often reflect on this experience and can still picture Megan's smiling face right there beside us throughout this perfect moment in our lives.