Medical Intermediate Critical Care Team at Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn

Medical Intermediate Critical Care Team

Medical Intermediate Critical Care Team at Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn

ICU Step Down
Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn
Dearborn, Michigan
United States

When a loved one enters the hospital, there are so many questions, concerns, and anxieties. As a layperson, your mind and thoughts become consumed with worry and fear, and you are on an emotional roller coaster of “what if’s”. However, from day 1, the staff on 3 South ICU step-down put all those emotions and apprehensions to rest.

This staff went beyond the call of nursing and caring and became our extended family. Not only were my husband’s needs met around the clock, but the staff made sure that the family was attended to both physically, mentally and emotionally.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for this staff for all they did for me and my family, they embraced and supported us in a way that showed not only care and concern, but also true love.

The love, care, medical expertise and professionalism of this staff will never be forgotten and has made a lasting impression in our hearts forever. While they all showed compassion and empathy, Joann made our time at the hospital less stressful and accommodating, I must give a special thank you to Nurse Joann. She personally showed me so much love and care, and my heart is eternally thankful and grateful to her for the love, support and loyalty she displayed daily. Joann is a nurse professionally, but to me, she is a true friend that I will forever be grateful she came into my life and made a difference.

Thank you to all the staff, your kindness and compassion will always be appreciated.