The Medical Intensive Care Unit Team at The Jefferson Methodist Hospital

The Medical Intensive Care Unit Team

The Medical Intensive Care Unit Team at The Jefferson Methodist Hospital

The Jefferson Methodist Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Team leader: Michele Mc Bride, MSN, RN; Nurse Manager MICU/ PCU Team members: Nachida Benaiad BSN, RN; Ilene Bennett ASN, RN; Judy Bongiorno BSN, RN; Mary Centinaro MSN, RN, CCRN, PCCN; Megan Connell BSN, RN, WCC; Elizabeth D'Amico BSN, RN CCCTM; Patricia Deegan ASN, RN, CCRN; Elizabeth Gilbert BSN, RN; Donald Gillespie BSN, RN, CCRN; Lakeisha Grant BSN, RN; Terry Healy BSN, RN, CCRN; Nicole Johnson MSN, RN; Rachel Korn BSN, RN; Hannah Le BSN, RN; Khan Le BSN, RN; Sheila McNally BSN, RN; Kelly Meyers MSN, RN; Christy Pohero BSN, RN, WCC, CCCTM; Ashley Pracilio BSN, RN; Ron Salamut, NA; Teresa Simmons BSN, RN, CCRN, CCCTM; Rosa Southard BSN, RN, CCRN; Sierra Thorton, NA; Shu Fang Tsai BSN, RN; Birhane Hailu NA; Dawn Giordano EVS; Darrell Way EVS;

I have witnessed and repeatedly heard of the exceptional and extraordinary Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) healthcare team at Methodist Hospital Division, Jefferson Health that exemplifies the ideals of a high performing team.
This was recently justified by a unique situation while I was attending the ANCC National Magnet conference. During that conference, I was approached by a nurse administrator. She stated that she overheard me talk to another conference participant and learned that I was from Jefferson Health. She wanted to convey her thanks to the excellent team of caregivers that cared for her son and members of her family when her son was admitted to our health system.

As she started to enumerate names of nurses, nursing assistants, EVS personnel, and unit leadership to acknowledge them for the excellent care they provided, I saw her eyes tear up. At this point, I was able to sense her heartfelt gratitude and understood the enormous impact the MICU team had on this family. She mentioned the fact that the team embodies the true essence of a compassionate team that brings comfort to their patients and their family without any hint of judgment. As a team, they have the ability to notice another person's vulnerability and employ compassion and consistent, dependable service in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities as caregivers. She added that the teamwork among all members of the MICU was extraordinary as she noticed the unwavering provision of care to all patients regardless of personal assignment. The relationship built between staff is established on a close-knit human relation that binds them as a group that whenever an alarm goes off, or a call light turns on, any member of the team went in to check and made sure everything was okay. For her as a family member, that is very reassuring.

Finally, she added how her personal experience as the recipient of the exceptional patient care changed her perspective in team nursing and tried to implement concepts she learned to her facility. I mentioned to her that the behaviors the staff in the MICU demonstrated is a manifestation of our Professional Practice Model that describes how inter-professional team collaborates, work together, communicate and advance professionally to provide the highest quality care for those we served. I also added that we practice Relationship-Based Care Model as our care delivery system that advocates for the patient and their family in a patient-centered approach to providing that compassionate patient care.

As we parted ways to head to the next podium presentation, it dawned on me how the exceptional, compassionate actions that we extend to our patients and their families help in their holistic healing and recuperation. I am proud to work with the MICU team that practice authentic caring that significantly impact patients' lives creating a lasting sense of well-being and healing.