McKayla Braun

McKayla Braun

McKayla Braun, BSN, RN

Pediatric Medical-Surgical Unit
Florida Hospital for Children
Orlando, Florida
United States
McKayla's genuine affection for my son was contagious.

McKayla Braun exemplifies everything a DAISY Nurse should.  She came by our room more often than her usual rounds to make sure everything was great for our 3-week old daughter.  She is a natural at caring for children and babies.  We first met her as our daughter’s nurse in the PICU and were relieved when we saw her in Pediatrics.  She has a "heart of gold" that we saw early on, and her level of care goes above and beyond.  She shared with us how she got into loving this field of work and was very easy to talk to because she listens first, then puts her expertise and opinions afterward.  McKayla also shared that she was a preemie baby and that her health struggles subsided and she is a healthy young adult now.  We appreciate everyone's level of care, but her bubbly caring personality made even our most struggling first day a little bit more okay, and the days following as pleasant as possible.


McKayla was very knowledgeable in answering all of the questions we asked.  My six-year-old son was admitted for the first time.  She made us feel very comfortable and got on my son's level.  She sat with him while she did his vital signs.  He smiled every time she walked into the room.  Her genuine affection for him was contagious.  She also made all of us feel like family and in 12 hours we felt like we had known her forever.  Her ability to make us comfortable in our situation made our stay enjoyable.