Maureen Hudgens

Maureen Hudgens

Maureen Hudgens, RN

7N Medical Surgical Unit
Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center
Fontana, California
United States

Maureen Hudgens is one of the kindest, caring, patient, compassionate nurses I've ever met. There were times in my stay where I almost would want to give up. I would become so sad and just seeing her would brighten my day. She would always know what to say and make a joke. And on days when I really wasn't feeling well, she'd hug me or pray with me or even just hold my hand and tell me to hang on it was going to get better. I have truly come to care for her. She's amazing.


Maureen is a remarkable nurse and she exemplifies the values of Kaiser Permanente Nursing. She provides excellent care, with integrity and compassion; she is a team player, extremely professional, and keeps the patient and the family in the center of everything that she does. Maureen truly is an extraordinary nurse.