Maureen Craigmile

Maureen Craigmile, BSN, RN

Advocate Christ Medical Center
Oak Lawn, Illinois
United States
Maureen is a team player, and her peers know they can count on her for help.

Maureen has been a nurse for over 25 years. She has a positive attitude and her enthusiasm and passion for the profession and our patient population is obvious. Maureen is compassionate to all of the patients on our unit and truly cares for our patients. She always wants what is best for our patients and is a dedicated nurse. Maureen is a team player, and her peers know they can count on her for help. Maureen wants not only what is best for our unit, but seeks to improve nursing in the hospital. She is part of the Clinical Career Advancement Board and the Magnet Steering Committee. She is our certification advocate, and will often send information and practice questions to our soon-to-be certified nurses to help them be successful when taking their exams. Maureen takes the time to let leaders know when one of her peers has done a great job, and she always brings forth suggestions to improve care on the unit.

Maureen goes above and beyond for our patients in big and little ways. This Christmas, our unit council collected money and bought gifts for all 228 residents of Chicago Ridge Nursing Home. Maureen donated money for the gifts, but also went above and beyond to bring extra Christmas cheer. She went out and purchased, with her own money, 228 one-dollar scratch off lotto tickets to be included with the Christmas gifts so each resident could have an extra fun little gift. This is just one example of how Maureen is so thoughtful of patients, staff, the unit, and our hospital. She is a role model for nursing.