Masae Fann

Masae Fann

Masae Fann, RN

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Mission Hills, California
United States

My daughter two weeks ago delivered a healthy baby girl at Holy Cross. Nurse Masae was assigned to us during the postpartum stay. During her shift, Nurse Masae periodically checked in on us. I watched her not only take care my daughter physically, but most importantly, educate her on the importance of breastfeeding and recognizing infant behavioral cues as well as postpartum care for herself once she got home. She also included her husband on the education, which I was impressed with. I was touched by Nurse Masae's patience and kindness for the new family. She reminded them to utilize their stay at the hospital to ask as many questions as possible because the staff was there to help guide them. I am so thankful for Nurse Masae's compassion to take her time during her busy morning schedule to teach a first time mom about her new exciting but scary role. Nurse Masae is a wonderful nurse. She is a true gem in your maternity unit.

From Masae's Nurse Manager, Tricia Burkholder:

Masae is a fairly new member of our staff, and as a per diem, we don't see her as much as we would like. She is always on-the-go demonstrating a lot of energy and always has a smile on her face. She is a true patient advocate and will go that extra mile to make sure her patients' needs are met. She is recognized by staff as always willing to help others. One staff member described why they love her when she is doing lunch coverage - she asks what tasks need to be done and actually completes them. She has been flexible with her schedule and is often willing to help cover shifts for her coworkers when something comes up last minute for them.