Maryann Gervasi

Maryann Gervasi

Maryann Gervasi, RN

Virtua Hospital Voorhees
Voorhees, New Jersey
United States

Maryann was my nurse for 3 days after a stat c section and traumatic delivery experience. She was a comfort, help, and support each day I was here. She took the time to listen attentively to my concerns and questions. Maryann was aware of everything related to my health and care, from meds and labs, to my emotional state and physical comfort. She went out of her way more than once to assist me with lactation issues when the lactatation ladies were unavailable. Her help was invaluable, as she got my infant and me off to a good start with more than one feeding. All of this, while attending to other moms and babies with what I am sure was the same standard of care. If Maryann was unable to promptly respond to a need I had, she would take a moment to let me know, and consistently returned when she said she would. This kind of compassion and consideration are unusual in my experience.

She made me feel as if I was her only patient, was genuinely caring and attentive, and she gave me much needed encouragement and support during a very difficult time when I needed it most. Her knowledge and expertise in her profession gave my husband and me confidence in her when we were reeling from our delivery experience. She was able to thoroughly inform us regarding any concerns we had, and truly got me through those first few days.

We met many wonderful nurses during our stay here, but Maryann stood out due to her consistency, professionalism, courtesy, compassion, and attention to details that others would overlook. Thank you Maryann for the superior care you gave me and my baby. Nurses like you are rare and a real blessing to people who are weak and struggling to heal. Thank you again. This hospital is fortunate to have you to represent the kind of care that is given here.