Mary Spicak

Mary Spicak

Mary Spicak, BSN, RN, CCRN

Night Shift Coordinator
CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital - Memorial
Corpus Christi, Texas
United States

Mary Spicak Night Shift Coordinator at Spohn Memorial Hospital consistently exemplifies what the DAISY nurse represents. Here are 2 stories I would like to share with you that I believe demonstrate Mary's qualities: calm steadfast leadership, always considering others needs and displaying compassion and concern.

One early morning I received a call from Mary stating that there had been a shot fired in the parking lot. Mary's first thoughts were to ensure the safety of the staff and secure the area. Then she began the repetitive task of notifying all appropriate parties providing them with updates to the events and actions being taken. During this time the hospital was becoming busy with the daily activities that occur during the changing of shifts: patients needing to be admitted, transferred or taken to surgery while staff was arriving on duty. Meanwhile staff already working needed calming and redirection as they were preparing to go off duty. Mary's ability to remain calm, display confidence and provide clear direction as needed made a rather unusual and very stressful event into a manageable and employee safe situation.

On another early morning in September I received a call from one of our EDs requesting a transfer of a young intubated patient with an intracranial hemorrhage to SMH ED because of physician specialist availability. At the time of the call SMH ED and ICU units were at capacity. Although the decision was to decline the transfer it was not done without Mary stating that she would round and if anything changes in any of the areas she would call back and accept the patient. Within 30 minutes of my call Mary called to inform me that when she discussed the situation, the ICU staff insisted on taking the patient even though this meant the ICU nurses would be taking their third triple patient in the unit rather than have the patient transferred to another facility and/or out of our Region. Mary proceeded to take the steps to make that transfer happen. Without her great critical thinking, strong leadership skills focused patient advocacy and compassion this patient might have had to transfer out of the region for care.

In the months I have come to know Mary she consistently displays a "Can Do" attitude. Thank you for your consistent dedication to our patients and demonstrating what a professional nurse really means.