Mary Harmon

Mary Harmon, RN

Allergy Clinic
Bassett Medical Center
Cooperstown, New York
United States

I met Mary the first time I came to the clinic. I was nervous and she explained everything so thoroughly. She put me at ease. She is so cheerful, happy, and positive and really makes the patients smile. She is dedicated and always there for you at any time needed. Not only with her job, but she always has a positive outlook on life and is so deserving of this honor. I know she was nominated before and did not win, but now she deserves this. She is one of the greatest assets to Bassett Medical Center. No fantastic person should go unnoticed and I pray to the LORD she wins this. Absolutely the most deserving person I have ever met at the organization. Let's make this happen as she deserves this and so much more. God Bless Mary, she is an angel sent from up above. Truly the best!

There are a lot of people on this Earth who are ill, sick and in need of medical attention and they are full of worries, stress etc. When you have a nurse who melts those worries away, relieves you of stress, puts you at ease and puts a smile on your face in a world that is so filled with turmoil, that person should be recognized and commended on her dedication, work, and humanity. She is a person with angelic qualities, and truly a blessing to have people in this world who truly "make THE difference". If she gets this award, which I know she will, please read this to her. It's my gift of thanks to her and Bassett. Thank you for all you do.