Mary Ellen Chevallier
June 2018
Mary Ellen
St. Charles Hospital
Port Jefferson
United States




Mary Ellen Chevallier, RN, is a medical/surgical nurse known among her colleagues for her compassion, communication skills and ability to advocate for her patients. These strengths were on full display recently while she was caring for a 58-year-old patient diagnosed with terminal cancer. “The care she provided was excellent,” said a team member. “She knew exactly what to ask the doctors for and spoke with the family about the signs and symptoms of the dying process. She made sure that the patient had all the medications necessary to remain comfortable.”

After the patient had passed, Mary Ellen also facilitated the highly sensitive conversation with the patient’s family about organ donation. Initially hesitant, the family ultimately decided to donate the patient’s corneas. A coworker explained, “Because Mary Ellen went above and beyond, she was able to make a difference in the lives of two more individuals who she never met, but who now have their eyesight restored.”