Mary Duncan

Mary Duncan

Mary Duncan, RN, MSN

Cardiac Out Patient Services
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
Idaho Falls, Idaho
United States

I am 85 years old and came in at 7am for a loop implant monitor because I’ve had some heart trouble lately.  My nurse was Mary.  She was real friendly, cheerful and caring right off the bat.  She made me feel like a star.  She joked with me, gave me heated blankets, and talked to me.  I could tell she was a true professional.  She was attentive and competent.

Mary had no trouble putting in an IV, something I usually dread because I have uncooperative veins.

The surgery was delayed from 8:30am to 11:30am because the doctor was up operating all night.  Mary told my wife and me that she was sorry and brought my wife juice and some ice chips for me.  It made the time pass quicker.

I’ve noticed the EIRMC nurses are all quite good, but I think Mary is exceptional and deserves the DAISY Award because she is compassionate and loves her patients.