Mary Carson

Mary Carson, RN

3 Surgical
St. Joseph Health Center
Youngstown, Ohio
United States

This is an RN that shows no judgmental (attitude). She extremely cares and shows much compassion no matter what the situation may be. She has an excellent bedside manner and always shows respect and kindness. When she enters a patient’s room, she always has a smile and pleasantly introduces herself.

She has excellent judgment on each of her daily duties and each patient she is assigned to! She has a great sense of humor and you can see how comfortable the patients day will be with her around. I would want her as my nurse and my family’s nurse. She pitches in, is helpful to her co-workers. All she precepts into the role of being a new RN are very lucky. She is one thorough nurse and a great teacher and role model.

Mary’s Nominator:

Marion Terpening LPN, 3 surgical