Mary Brandon

Mary Brandon, BSN, RN

Women and Infant Services
Banner Gateway Hospital
Gilbert, Arizona
United States
It was comforting to see her face and know she was caring for my baby.

My labor did not progress as expected, and at times, my baby boy did not tolerate the medications I was being given.  Mary handled the whole situation confidently, and efficiently.  Even when things weren't going as we'd hoped, she stayed calm, kept her sense of humor, and made us feel comfortable that she had a plan.  She kept us informed without making us feel afraid.  She found an excellent balance between protecting our baby as well as treating me.  She did not lose sight of the big picture while addressing the small details.  She was supportive and encouraging at all times.  She worked equally well with me, my husband, my doula, and my OBGYN.  Late in the day, it was determined that I would need a c-section.  In the hectic environment of the OR, it was comforting to see her face and know she was caring for my baby, when I couldn't be right with him.  Mary stayed past the end of her scheduled shift in order to stay with my son and I to make sure we were OK and provide continuity of care. 

My birthing experience was not what I anticipated or hoped for, but I still consider it positive, thanks in large part to Mary's efforts and skill.  She is an invaluable asset to Banner Gateway and the nursing profession as a whole.  We could never fully thank her for the gift she gave our family.  She is truly exceptional.