Mary Bosseler
June 2017
General Surgical
Swedish Medical Center - Issaquah
United States




My wife had back surgery at Issaquah Swedish Hospital. She was then transferred to the fourth-floor surgery ward where she spent three days and two nights recovering. During the daytime, my wife was under the care of Mary Bosseler. She also had a student nurse, R, who was shadowing Mary as she made her rounds of several patients. Because my wife suffers from numerous autoimmune disorders and has had multiple complex surgeries, we have seen the inside of many hospitals. Mary is as good as any medical professional that we have encountered. She has the right balance of intelligence and compassion, and jobs that might seem difficult or distasteful to some, she performed with an apparent glad heart.

Undaunted by my wife's complex medical history, she reviewed the medicines that were being administered and supervised the work of others as they cared for my wife. Mary also recognized that we have considerable medical experience and used a collaborative approach to our care, telling us in advance how she planned to tackle each new problem and asking if that approach seemed reasonable. We were well informed and always felt part of the process. At each step of the way, she instructed R on the correct method for performing her tasks and the reasoning behind each. She is a natural teacher.

Most of all, we appreciated Mary's smile and sense of humor. She would breeze into our room like a breath of fresh air and perform whatever tasks that needed to be done, allaying any fears or concerns that we might have and then leave to assist others. Please extend our heart-felt thanks to Mary and tell her that my wife is doing fine at home. I know it will matter to her.