Mary Beth Annett

Mary Beth Annett, RN

Lankenau Medical Center
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
United States

... Marybeth had been a ray of sunshine through the darkest hours of my wife's last days on earth. The level of care, professionalism, kindness and human decency she brought to my wife's last days could never be matched. One may have thought she was attending to her own mother. On my wife's third day in the hospital she became paranoid, not trusting anyone, including me, but Marybeth was able to calm her down and get her to relax.

While taking care of other family matters on the last day Marybeth phoned me informing me my wife had taken a turn for the worst. By the time I got to the hospital Marybeth's shift was over but she was still there holding my wife's hand. Being a semi-pro boxer in my youth and a police officer in one of Philadelphia's most busiest districts I thought I'd be strong, but when I broke down Marybeth gave me a shoulder to cry on. As far as nursing goes Marybeth shouldn't be wearing a uniform, she should be wearing a cape, for she exemplifies nursing at its finest.