Mary B

Mary B, LVN

Val Verde Regional Medical Center
Del Rio, Texas
United States

Mary is the "captain, professor, counselor, and mayor" of our Unit. Years of experience, combined with an abundance of knowledge, kindness, and sharing enable her to be the beacon of our Unit.

Her unassigned duties include - technical teaching, administrative instruction and interpersonal (patient-nurse, nurse-nurse, nurse-physician) relationship guidance. All done voluntarily. The Unit cannot and does not function without this unselfish true leader by action and example.

Asks nothing in return for all she does. She is passionate about her work, Patient satisfaction and her hospital. She exhibit quality of care every single day to each patient and co-worker.

"Ask Mary, find Mary, Get Mary" is the solution to all problems, difficult situations or emergencies in the Unit. And that says it all!!!

If I were a patient I would want my nurse to be like her. She is caring, compassionate, empathetic, shows with words, actions, facial expressiveness both that she knows exactly how to handle a situation and will do it with great care.

She is a shining example for VVRMC. She works in a very busy area and touches many, many lives and the patients are always expressing their heartfelt thanks for the care they received from her.

Her attitude never falters it is always great!