Mary Arnold

Mary Arnold

Mary Arnold, RN

Women's Health Services
Carilion New River Valley Medical Center
Christiansburg, Virginia
United States

We, in the mammography and ultrasound department, have begun to take Mary's standard of care for granted. She treats every patient as if they were her family. The care she gives is so above standard and we are thankful for her every day! There is no comparing her to another nurse. Everything she does is a sterling example of her compassion and dedication.

Mary Arnold speaks to the patients on the day that a physician recommends a breast biopsy. She thoroughly explains the procedure and stays with them until all their questions are answered. She gives all biopsy patients her phone number and tells them to call her day or night if they have any concerns or additional questions. At the least, on one instance with a patient that had a hearing deficit and was extremely anxious due to her inability to fully understand the upcoming procedure, Mary spoke with the patient from her home numerous times and eventually went to the patient's house to alleviate her concerns. This patient lived quite a distance from Mary's home. Mary often works with patients, who have no medical coverage, to connect them with Every Woman's Life. She has worked to get coverage made retroactive to cover earlier procedures regarding their current diagnosis and reduce the financial burden for these patients. This in return significantly reduces their emotional burden.

She helps patients make contact with breast surgeons. She also enlists other specialists to help patients once they have been diagnosed with cancer. In one specific instance, she called someone to assist a patient with the fitting of a bra for bilateral prosthesis. Another example, a patient that was lactating was here for a biopsy and Mary called a lactation specialist to consult with this patient and provide care regarding this patient's specific issue during the visit. Occasionally our physicians have wanted to add in biopsy procedures that day and Mary, even though she had previous plans, has stayed and assisted with the biopsy and cared for the patient as if she had no other plans.

Mary provides, with her personal money, an assortment of teas and creamers for our Women's Care Suite. Mary does CMG's, teaches Prepared Childbirth Classes, organizes Women's Community Health Programs, Women's Expo and Women's Fall Events to name just a few.